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From pre-, post-natal Pilates classes, to nutrition consultations for your specific needs, navigating supplement or managing food sensitivities/eczema, I'm here to support you. 

Prenatal Pilates

Pilates is gentle, calm & low-impact - one of the most supportive movements for prenatal mamas. Strengthen your core to support your growing belly through pregnancy-appropriate exercises, balanced with yummy stretches, always keeping in mind the evolving needs of your body. 

Suitable for mummies from their 2nd trimester of pregnancy. You are encouraged to check with your medical practitioner if you are starting a new exercise.

Seated Side Bend

Postpartum Pilates

Take the time to move and flow in the hustle of postpartum and bring calm to your soul. Strengthen from within through mindful movement as we work on restoring your core and pelvic floor health, along with expansive stretches that open up your posture and relieve your aches. 

Suitable for mummies from 6 weeks postpartum (vaginal delivery) or 12 weeks postpartum (c-section). You are encouraged to get clearance from your medical practitioner before resuming exercise after birth.

Nutrition consultation

Targeted consultations for your specific pregnancy / postpartum / baby nutrition needs.

Topics we may cover:

- key nutrient requirements for pregnancy, postpatrum and babies starting on solids

- pregnancy conditions including morning sickness, gestational diabetes,  edema (water retention), anemia, Group B Strep, pre-eclampsia

- postpartum conditions including engorgement/mastitis, edema, constipation, thyroid dysfunction, stress

- how to get babies started on solids, introduction of allergenic foods, managing constipation

The list above is not exhaustive. Get in touch to chat about your needs and I will be able to recommend what would best suit you. 


Navigating supplementation

Is supplementation necessary during pregnancy or postpartum? Most of the time, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, most supplements called "prenatal multivitamins" do not sufficiently meet the nutritional requirements of pregnant or postpartum mothers. 

This single consultation will guide you through understanding key nutrient requirements for pregnancy or postpartum/breastfeeding and how to choose a high-quality supplement that meets your needs. 

Food sensitivities / eczema

It can be distressing and stressful to watch your little one suffer from food sensitivities and/or eczema. 

Through a series of consultations, I will work closely with you to root out your baby's food triggers and improve your child's condition in a holistic, sustainable manner from the inside out. 

Almond Milk

Need comprehensive support?

Pregnancy, birth, postpartum and raising a child are not individual events, but a journey of discovery.


In my holistic programmes, I hold your hand through each stage, allowing you to relish the entire process with confidence and peace, and be the mother that you have always dreamed of being.

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