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Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop

Look forward to your calm, centred and confident birth through movement and nourishment.

This is for you if...

- You are excited to birth your baby, but you don't know what to expect

- You want to feel empowered in your birth and take steps to prepare for your birth

- You want to feel calm and centred during your birth

- You would like to know how you can move during labour/birth in a way that supports your baby emerging into the world 

- You want to know how you can nourish your body during labour to support your birth experience 


The experience

We'll open the session with a lovely, flowing Pilates session to prepare your body for birth, including exercises that you can continue to practice up to your delivery and during labour. 

We will chat about what a natural birth looks like, and how you can work with your body to bring your baby into the world calmly and gently. 

We will also talk about how you can nourish your body with nutrient-dense food and beverages leading up to birth and during labour. 

Finally, we'll close the session with breathwork and birth affirmations to calm your nervous system and support your dream birth experience. 

You'll leave feeling refreshed, empowered and confident about your upcoming birth, ready to welcome your baby into the world in the coming months. 

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Are you pregnant?

If you are looking for support for Prenatal Pilates or nutrition, you may check out my other services below.

Alternatively, book a 15min a clarity call with me to have a chat about what would best suit your needs.

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