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Designed for each stage of motherhood, from pregnancy, to birth, recovery, and nourishing your little one, I will walk with you every step of the way in prioritising your health and wellness, supporting you from within to give you the confidence and peace of mind to savour each phase of the journey.


From the moment you discover your baby growing within your belly, your life changes forever. It is the beginning of a beautiful journey, and I can't wait to walk through it with you. Prioritising yourself begins in pregnancy. 

In this 3- or 6-month coaching program, we will cover:

- Nutrition: How you can eat optimally to feel good, nourish your growing baby, manage morning sickness and other pregnancy-related conditions

- Movement: How you can move with grace during pregnancy by embracing the beautiful changes in your body 

- Total wellness: How to prioritise your mental and emotional well-being in preparation for your new role



Birth might feel like an enigma. You are held in suspense, not knowing when your baby will decide to make their entrance into the world. That might create some anxiety. But guess what? Your body and your baby were meant to do this. Trust in the process. 


In this 1 month coaching program, we will cover:

- Movement: Exercises to prepare for labour and delivery 

- Nutrition: Nourishing your body in preparation for birth; supportive food & beverages through the stages of labour

- Total wellness: Mental & emotional preparation for a calm, confident birth


Postpartum is a sacred period of bonding with your newborn and complete rest and recovery. Nourishing foods are essential during this important phase and you are encouraged to spend most of your time nesting with your baby. Movement should be minimal, but it can also help with recovery. 

I would encourage you to do this program prior to 36 weeks of pregnancy, in preparation for this period, if possible. Or, if you choose to do this during your postpartum period, I would be honoured to be part of your tribe.


In this 1 month program, we will cover:

- Nutrition: Healing foods for postpartum recovery; supporting breastfeeding

- Movement: Breathing exercises & very gentle movement for postpartum

- Total wellness: What to expect during postpartum; maintaining your emotional & mental well-being during postpartum 



It starts to get exciting when it is time for your baby to embark on solids! You are encouraged to begin this program prior to your baby starting solids, sometime around 4-5 months of age. 

This 6-month program is nutrition-focused, and will cover:

- Identifying signs of readiness to begin solids

- Understanding the methods of introducing solids & what might work best for your baby & family

- Nutrient-dense first foods for your baby and how to serve it

- Mindfully introducing allergenic foods 

- Support for food sensitivities and/or eczema

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you are interested in Pilates or nutrition separately, or would like guidance with specific pregnancy or postpartum conditions, I also offer other ala carte services which you may explore.

Alternatively, book a 15min a clarity call with me to have a chat about what would best suit your needs.

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