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Natural Parenting Group

I started this group in search of my own tribe. Going into parenting as a first-time mama, I read a lot of books and joined parenting groups which began to shape my views and what to expect with a newborn. The moment my first daughter was born, everything went out of the window when I realised that what I'd read about in the books simply did not apply to her - she was not a "textbook baby". 

I was told not to carry my baby too much, for fear of spoiling her. But the only way she would calm down was when she was laying on my chest, or had my boob in her mouth. I was convinced that I should sleep-train, but despite hiring a sleep consultant, the whole episode was a complete disaster, ending in her "failing" to be sleep-trained and traumatising both of us. I decided right then, after 2.5 horrific weeks, that I would never put her (and any of my other children) through that ever again. 

As I went deeper into motherhood, I began to tune into my intuition, instead of what others/books told me about what was the norm. And I realised that what felt right for me tended to veer from what the other parents in groups I was in were advocating. It's not that they were wrong - I believe that every parent only wants the best for their children. I simply had a different way that I wanted to parent. 

So I set out to find my own tribe.


I don't have the exact words to describe us, but I would say that we seek to parent as nature intended - through loving, secure attachment; respectful parenting that embraces all feelings; supporting natural biological sleep, breastfeeding and more. If this is you, we would love you to be a part of our tribe. 


Join the Natural Parenting Group

Thank you for your interest in joining this Natural Parenting group! We appreciate that every parent has their own unique style of parenting and that we all parent with the best intentions. This group is meant to create a safe space for parents who seek to practice responsive, respectful & gentle parenting. Hence, we would love to get to know you better, to understand if your style is aligned with our natural parenting practices to keep the space supportive for our members. Read more about why I created this group here.

Please also note that you will require a Telegram account to be added into the group chat.

We recognise that everyone has their unique views on parenting, there will always be differences in opinion about various topics. This group is intended to be a safe space for parents who (for lack of an all-encompassing description) seek to embrace a natural way of parenting in this modern world, and we would like to keep this a non-judgmental, respectful & gentle space for discussion and learning. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. Do you agree?

Thanks for submitting!

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