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nurturing mamas & mamas-to-be through pilates & nutrition

holding space for you to feel nourished, centered and calm in motherhood

hey beautiful mama,
do you yearn to embrace the fullness of motherhood, but fear that you are losing yourself in it? 

My heart is with you, and I can fully relate. I am so grateful to have you here as part of my community and I hope this space fills you with nourishment as we journey through motherhood together. 


Hi, I'm Kelly

I'm a mama to two beautiful girls. I am also a Pilates teacher and a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Motherhood has been the most gratifying journey for me, and also my greatest challenge. Through this journey, I've met so many mamas, just like myself, who have poured relentlessly into motherhood, only to feel burnt out, exhausted and constantly on an edge. 

But I realised that it doesn't have to be this way - for me, and for you too. A fulfilled motherhood journey begins with caring for ourselves first. And I'm here to support you with that. 

Imagine how it would feel to

+ Pour into your children and family from a place of abundance

+ Be energised, strong and move pain-free

+ Fill your own cup, and be nourished from within

+ Be grounded, calm & less reactive

+ Rewrite motherhood on your own terms, and reclaim YOU.

This is all possible. Let's make this happen for you.


Healthy Food


Invigorate your mind and body. Find your calm and strength from within.


Discover the food for your soul. Nourish and transform your body from the inside out. 


Come as you are, to this space where you are supported to prioritise yourself.


Well thought-out exercises for both pre & post-natal classes. Kelly pays attention to the specific needs of her students to ensure they get the best out of the session. She tailors the intensity to individual students' needs. Definitely continuing more sessions!

- Charmaine

I've been attending Kelly's prenatal Pilates classes and they've been instrumental in helping me feel good and stay active throughout my pregnancy. Even though it's more gentle than regular Pilates classes, I still get a good workout! Kelly's also a really patient teacher, often talking through the moves in detail so that even beginners can follow easily. Highly recommend :)

- Stephanie

I totally enjoy my classes with Kelly and look forward to every session. As I've not done Pilates before, she guides me slowly and clearly on the breathing and posture for each of the different movements. I would recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a Pilates instructor!

- Justina

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