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My (mostly) Organic Skincare Routine

I’ve been struggling with skin issues ever since I hit my teens. I’ve been battling outbreaks and pores for more than 10 years, and I still can’t get over why I’m still getting pimples at the grand age of….nearly 28 (oh gosh, writing down my age is just scary, I can hardly believe it). I tried all sorts of remedies, from various doctors. Some worked, some didn’t, but even those that worked only lasted a couple of years, after which the outbreaks would happen again. It was, and still is, in fact, quite a blow to my self-consciousness when my skin is in a bad state.

I started going for facials again sometime in 2017 in preparation for my wedding, and I was really happy when I came across Ecorganics (now renamed Cindee’s Beauty House), where I was introduced to the world of organic skincare.

*Before I begin, I have to add a disclaimer that my skin still does break out, and it can still get really bad at times. But I seek comfort in the fact that at least I try to minimize the toxins that I introduce directly to my skin, and I give it the best care that I can.

I will save Cindee’s Beauty House for another post because there is so much more that I can share about it, but I started getting very interested in organic and natural skincare after I began doing organic facials there. Today I’m sharing the products that I use in my daily skincare routine. I did my own research and found a bunch of products that have been working great for me. Though I’m always fascinated by the 10-step Korean skincare routine, I’m also mindful to be minimalist about the number of things I put on my face, and I’d rather not have a whole drawer of products which I only use on an occasional basis. So all these products I’m sharing today are part of my essential routine, and I pretty much use them on a daily basis.

Skincare essentials

I love going for Korean organic brands because they are way more affordable than the American and Australian brands. There are an increasing number of Korean organic and natural brands in the market and all you have to do is a google search to find out what brands you can check out! Thankfully, quite a number of them are also made available in Singapore, and it’s great to be able to purchase them easily. My two favourite brands are Whamisa and Aromatica.

First step: Cleansing – Whamisa Organic Flowers Creamy Foam cleanser

I didn’t take a picture of it, but I’ve been using this cleanser for about 2 years now and I really like how I just need a really small amount of the cream to cover my entire face. I’m not sure if I’m using the right amount, but my tube lasts for a very long time. It’s SLS-free (which is the artificial foaming chemical) and chock full of organic ingredients, as with all Whamisa products. Though I’ve heard how some foaming cleansers tend to dry out the skin, this one leaves my skin feeling clean without any tightness.

Second step: Toner – Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Toner

I love the Korean method of applying toner – simply pouring it out onto your palms and patting it into your skin. I found that it gives my skin so much more moisture, as compared to when I put it on a cotton pad, where most of the product gets lost in it. I literally jump out of the shower after washing my face and pat in the toner, and my skin really enjoys that boost from the toner. I like how this toner is really refreshing and moisturizing at the same time.

Third step: Essence – Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum

This is one of Aromatica’s bestsellers, and I’ve been liking it quite a lot too! It has a thicker consistency compared to the toner, more gel-like, and I pat it onto my face directly after the toner for extra moisture.

Oh, I forgot to mention what my skin type is like. It is dry on the surface, and that’s probably why it produces so much oil in response to that. In the past, I used to try rather harsh products to combat the oil and acne, and I realised that it probably stripped my skin of its much-needed moisture, hence exacerbating the problem. So now I’m trying various ways to add more moisture to my skin (and retain it).

Fourth step (day): Moisturizer – Whamisa Organic Flowers Lotion Original

I use this lotion in the day because of its light texture, and how easily it is absorbed into the skin. Oh, one of the reasons why I love patting products into my skin is that I really do feel that each layer preps the skin for the next by adding on the moisture with each step. So far this is the only organic moisturizer that I’ve tried, and it’s been working well for me! Though I’m toying with the idea of switching fully to oils as a replacement for moisturizer.

Fourth step (night): Oils

I will talk about this in another post, but I’ve been really liking the effects of putting oils on my face! If you’ve never tried it before, it might sound really freaky. Believe me, I was very worried too! But I’ll share more in my next post about this.

Fifth step: Pimple zapper – Melita Propolis Cream

Okay, I admit this one is an oddball. One, I have no idea what to describe it as, thus the name “pimple zapper”. Two, it’s not Korean (I bought it in Tasmania). Three, I’m not sure if it’s organic because there was no mention of it, though it is 100% natural. BUT, I’m going to talk about it anyway because I love this!!! And I’m going to be devasted when I finish the bottle because I have no idea how I’m going to get hold of this amazing product unless I make a trip back to Tasmania again *sobs*.

I was very, very sceptical when I first saw this bottle. A whole list of benefits in a brochure next to it on the shelf promised soothing of inflamed skin, protecting against acne and pimples, moisturizing among others. But it was a cream….and I had not bought “cream” products for years because I’m really afraid of it clogging my already huge pores. The lady in the store reassured me that it wouldn’t. I’d heard of the benefits of propolis previously, and I had to admit that I was curious. I had a few big zits, which I’d been battling for quite awhile, and I thought I would start with those. After a couple of days of application, I noticed that my pimples really became much smaller! I’d been trying The Body Shop’s tea tree oil on those for quite awhile to no effect, and within 2 days they’d shrunk with the use of the Propolis cream. I AM NOT KIDDING. I don’t usually believe in “miracle” products – they’ve never worked for me. But this was the closest to a holy grail that I’d ever get. It’s been about 3 weeks now, and I think there are a few other factors involved, but I have been blessed with surprisingly clear skin. I hope I don’t jinx myself, but honestly, this pimple zapping Propolis Cream is for sure one of the best buys I’ve ever made.

My last step is sunblock but I just use a normal supermarket brand for that. I’ve been doing more research to see if there are any other brands, and I came across a few others like Yuri Pibu and Pyunkang Yul which I’m thinking of checking out too!

If you have any recommendations on affordable, organic skincare (it doesn’t have to be Korean!), please do share them with me, I would love to try them out!

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